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Whiskey One Japan Japan -W1JJ Radio echoes from space!


Micky, W1JJ, is one of the leading amateur radio experts that are bouncing radio signals off the moon on the 6 meter radio wavelength-50 MHz. Bouncing radio signals off the moon is known as Earth-Moon-Earth, or EME. The round trip time for a radio signal traveling at the speed of light from earth to the moon and back is about 2.5 seconds. The technical challenges for amateurs to do this is amazing, and special digital weak signal processing is required. Essentially you need to look deep into the radio noise to receive the very weak EME signals. These weak signal programs are developed by Joe Taylor, K1JT, a lifelong radio intuit and world renowned radio scientist. Amazing as this is to do, Micky was more amazed when he heard his SSB voice echoes off the moon! This is a great demonstration of the speed of light, and is actually radar astronomy! The garbled voice is his radio transmission, and the clear W1JJ are echoes off the Moon! Micky and Joe host the prestigious worldwide elite of of 6 meter radio operators known as the Six Meter Operators Group, or SMOG. SMOGers meet at the annual SMOGfest, and it was an honor for me to meet Mick and Joe at the 2006 SMOGfest. 73 es GUD DX! N1MAA 

Haywire Antenna Project

This is my latest antenna project over salt water at my new QTH - Please give me your thoughts.


Ham radio has been around since the early 1900's. Profound discoveries have been made by amateurs using ham radio. A lot of interesting history has been made in the world of ham radio.
Ham Personalities
The ham radio community includes many successful people who are connected via radio waves.
Raul Midon,KB5ZOT
Joe Walsh, WB6ACU
Joe Taylor, K1JT- Nobel Prize 1993
Dave Finley, N1IRZ  
When Warner Brothers filmed Contact at the Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope in 1996, Dave Finley served as liaison between the film crew and the Observatory. His account of the filming at the VLA, Hollywood Comes to Socorro, now is online.
Research using radio waves have become the next big astrophysical science. Radio waves are providing the clues about the universe we live in.
Woody Sullivan
Access to the Airwaves
Promoting free radio and free speech.

 New York, July 29 — AIRWAVE PIRACY ENDS — Ivan Rothstein, left, whose radio name was “Ivan Jeffreys,” and Allan Weiner are taken into custody in New York Tuesday after their arrest for broadcasting a ship-based radio station from international waters in defiance of the Federal Communications Commission. (AP laserPhoto 1987)


Radio Timtron Worldwide

Check out the picture of Timtron and the ultimate ham radio mobile-the CADAVERLAC! -Timtron's Cadillac Hearse. It was amazing to listen to him roaming the new england/northeast countryside as he communicates play by play updates of his road stories on 75 meter AM phone from the ultimate mobile-The CADAVERLAC. Imagine encountering the CADAVERLAC on one of your road trips-and yes, those are ham radio antennas on the roof...all for the love of ham radio! 

Radio Timtron Worldwide is a rock and roll variety show hosted by Timtron, WA1HLR. One of the most entertaining programs on WBCQ, Radio Timtron Worldwide combines rock music, comedy, and the occcasional skit into a show always worth tuning in to.

Radio Timtron Worldwide can be heard Saturdays at 7PM eastern time and Wednesdays at 5PM eastern time on WBCQ 7.415 MHz. 

Radio Amateur John Kanzius, K3TUP on CBS 60 Minutes with Homemade Radio Cancer Research

This is an amazing story about the amateur spirit of discovery. Radio amateur John Kanzius could very well win the prize for greatest scientist ever. Listen for the reaction from a Nobel Prize winner about John's work. The CBS 60 Minutes piece on John's cancer research is an extraordinary story. John has another unbelievable story about how he set salt water on fire with radio waves! Looks like the makings of a Nobel Prize in medicine and physics! I want to personally thank John for demonstrating the amateur spirit of discovery-doing it for the love of it-Amore! John, thank you for being a true inspiration. Kanzius Cancer Research Center

Raul Midon-KB5ZOT-State of Mind

I had the great pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Raul Midon after his show at the Triple Door in Seattle WA. in May of 2007. Raul is a real ham radio guy- we talked about him wanting to check in to the 75 meter AM group in the northeast region from his apartment in NYC. Raul explained to me that he and his twin brother Marco, N5ACR, who is a lead radio engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, have a deep passion for ham radio. Raul is an extraordinary talent; his music can only be described as astonishing, transcending and intuitive. He is incredibly funny, bright, and is quite simply a very cool dude.
 Do a Google search on Raul Midon - lot's of good stuff comes up.
Here is a clip of Raul performing the song that tells what it is all about-State of Mind-on the Letterman show
This is a great BBC interview with Raul and his twin brother Marco, N5ACR, who is a radio engineer at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, about their interest in ham radio. Check it out. Enjoy! 

Local QRM
Local QRM was the title for the cover of the June 1923 issue of QST amateur radio magazine. QRM is the Morse code abbreviation for interference from another station. For many amateur radio operators there seems to be a delicate balance between paying the bills and spending the money to improve their art. 73, N1MAA

Wind Between the Worlds- AC4RF Tibet

Wind Between the Worlds is the story of the 1950 Chinese invasion of Tibet to get Robert Ford, AC4RF, a British ham radio operator who was living in Tibet. Wind Between the Worlds is the truly amazing real life story of the beginning of the end of a Free Tibet.

Arthur E. Covington-VE5CC
Father of Solar Radio Astronomy
Arthur E. Covington is recognized as the father of solar radio astronomy. He was a ham radio operator and held the call sign VE5CC. His story of interest in radio is based on his ability to listen. As a graduate student of physics he became interested in radio astronomy after reading an article detailing the work of Grote Reber. Covington reasoned; "as an ex-wireless operator who has spent many hours listening for possible distress calls amidst static during prescribed quite periods, the idea of using a parabolic reflector to receive static from stars opened new vistas."
The Goddesses blessed me with his personal copy of the radio astronomy classic-The Early Years of Radio Astronomy, by Woody T. Sullivan, in which Arthur Covington wrote the chapter entitled Beginnings of Solar Radio Astronomy in Canada .
Inside I found his personal notes about the early years of radio astronomy, including 10 pages of his in-depth writings. The caption below is a glimpse into the thought process of such a great mind.

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Access to the Airwaves

Allan H. Weiner is the owner, founder and station manager of WBCQ The Planet. Allan has been involved in the radio broadcasting field of over thirty years, and is dedicated to WBCQ's free speech mission and to providing all with affordable access to the airwaves.

Allan's book, Access to the Airwaves, documents his lifelong fight for free radio and free speech.

Allan can be reached at wbcq@wbcq.com 
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